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OMni RADIANT ZINC - baby pink

A delicious peppermint scented balm with radiant hints of colour, a subtle sheen, and all the benefits of zinc oxide to moisturise and balance your skin tone. The perfect way to light up your lips, or add a summer glow to your cheeks, collar bones or décolletage. Use every day to soothe and nourish your skin.

100% natural with botanical ingredients, including zinc oxide and the essential oil peppermint to nourish your skin and uplift your day.

Tips for use:
Lightly apply a small amount to your lips or cheeks, and gently pat until you achieve the desired colour depth. Add more as required. The more you massage, the more transparent the colour becomes. 
Massage into your décolletage for a moisturising base, then dab additional product on for more colour and sheen.
Dab along your collar bones for the beautiful summer glow.
The colours don't stain, so you can massage any excess in your cuticles or backs of hands for an extra little dose of OMni love. 

Available in 3 gorgeous colours ... 
Baby Pink, Sheer Coral & Rose Petal
I'm an emotive gal, so I choose which colour I will use for the day based on how I feel (or want to feel) each morning.

Contains beeswax

Free from synthetic ingredients, including parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances & colours
Re-use/recycle your pot & reduce the impact on our environment

All OMni balms are hand poured into double-walled frosted glass pots while the balms are still warm. Sometimes as the the balms cool they pull away slightly from the inside of the glass dome, which can give it an uneven appearance. It's a bit of an optical illusion. Rest assured the full amount of balm is in the pot for your enjoyment.

OMni RADIANT ZINC - baby pink