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A refreshing and gentle exfoliating polish that leaves your skin feeling soft & supple, reformulated for an even better result. Perfect for lips, cuticles, backs of hands, elbows, and even knees! Use daily, as a weekly treatment, or whenever your skin tells you to.

100% natural with botanical ingredients, including finely granulated coconut sugar and the essential oil of sweet orange to nourish your skin and uplift your day – it’s so good you can eat it! And no micro beads in sight!

Tips for use:
Gently massage a small amount into your lips and lip edge. You can lick/eat the sweet orange flavoured coconut sugar granules as you exfoliate ... they are yum! The residue left on your lips restores lip condition on its own, or you can finish with any other OMni product. 
If you’re using the POLISH on other areas, keep gently massaging until the sugar crystals dissolve, or use a damp cloth to remove excess.
Notice the difference in your skin texture and condition - it's fab! 

Contains beeswax
Free from synthetic ingredients, including parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances & colours
Re-use/recycle your pot & reduce the impact on our environment