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When it comes to body & beauty products, Ama La Vita only seeks out the best. OMni Balms are our favourite daily essentials and we are lucky enough to get to speak to the owner of OMni Balms Vanessa Morgan to find out a bit more about her beautiful products.

Tell us about your business

OMni is a 100% natural range of luxurious multi-purpose balms for your lips, cheeks, nails, decolletage and anywhere else you need nourishment and hydration. They are made from botanical ingredients and essential oils designed to truly benefit your skin.

As a brand OMni aligns itself with the Slow Beauty movement; a philosophy that includes the use of natural ingredients, a gentle attitude towards ageing, being mindful and eco-friendly, and above all, being yourself.


Who are your customers?

OMni balms are multi-purpose, so everyone can benefit from them no matter your gender, age or skin type.

Our main customer has been women, at all ages and stages of life (I originally developed them with me and my friends in mind), who want something that feels and smells luxurious, who either like a minimal makeup look, or a beautiful natural glow as part of their makeup style, or who don’t like wearing lipstick anymore because it bleeds (that’s me!).

We’ve also seen new mums who want something safe to use around their babies; teenagers who want to experiment with makeup but want something natural looking (that their mums like too).

And then there are men young and old who want a balm often because they are quite active or sporty, or just like the feel of the balm on their lips.
Basically anyone who loves a natural product that does what it says on the jar.


We love a multi-use beauty product, what are the different ways you can use the OMni balms?

OMni balms can be used on your lips, cheeks, brows, hands, cuticles, elbows, décolletage ... anywhere that needs a little OMni love.

The Nourish balm you can use absolutely anywhere and everywhere ... even to slick down your eyebrows. Recently a 69 year old customer let me know she was using it as “gentle night cream” around her eyes and loving how her skin looks and feels in the morning.

The Blush and Radiant Zinc balms have subtle hints of colour that you can layer up or down, and are perfect for lips and cheeks, as a highlighter, and on your décolletage for that sunkissed glow. I have found that the Radiant Zinc balms also calm redness in my own skin.

The Polish balm is a great little scrub ... gentle enough for delicate areas like your lips, backs of hands, cuticles and elbows. And it honestly tastes delicious ... coconut sugar and sweet orange oil – yum!


What makes your products unique?

There are three key factors about OMni balms ...
• they are multi-use
• they are 100% natural
• and they are made of a proprietary blend of essential oils and other botanical ingredients designed to truly nourish and restore your skin.

When I was developing the range, the nourishing and healing capabilities of the ingredients were critical to the performance of the balms. They all repair dry, cracked or chapped skin, some of them have antibacterial properties, or the ability to reduce inflammation, or promote the production of collagen.

The smell, texture and taste were also equally important, to ensure the experience would be enjoyed by everyone who used them. The essential oils I use all have restorative properties and are mood enhancers that help uplift your day.

What are your hot picks for Christmas this year? Colour/product

My research tells me that fresh luminous natural looking skin is staying the course, with dewy understated lips, pearlescent flushes to cheeks and brows to give that summer glow, and unique eye makeup with strong eyeliner and pops of colour.

The understated look of wearing makeup that doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup remains strong.

Of course, this means OMni balms are a perfect addition to everyone's makeup bags this Spring / Summer. And be sure to keep an eye out for a new OMni balm releasing soon!


What is the most rewarding part of owning your own business?

The most rewarding part is that you’re working on your own dream and vision – it’s so great to be able to bring your passion to life and see it evolve. And you are the boss of you – I get to make decision after decision about things knowing that I am the only one accountable for setting the standards for OMni,
and that’s exciting!

I have learnt many skills, and yet have also at times had to let go and ask someone else to help – I had to realise I can’t do everything!

If anyone asked me whether they should start their own business, I will totally say “do it” – I have no regrets!

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