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These beautiful pieces are individually hand modelled by artisan potters in their New Zealand studio. These pieces are mostly reproduced with simple machines all lovingly restored from yesteryear. Each piece will pass through many pairs of skilled hands as it morphs into the final crafted product. This pottery is made from a carefully formulated clay body. Both our body and glaze finishes have been specifically created by a team of experts. Together these mature when fired to 1200'C creating a durable chip-resistant product to withstand the demands of everyday life. 

We have selected two collections of Elemental and Khemia with an option of a warm or earthy glaze that we know will compliment your culinary creations. 

Whether you're enjoying your weekday morning coffee and cereal, or having a group of friends around for a celebratory meal, we've got you covered and know you will love using our dinner sets. 

Alchemist is exclusive to Ama La Vita hence exclusive to our clients. 

Wanting a certain style that we don't have available at the moment then feel free to contact us at

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